• The Melbourne District Veteran Golfers Association Inc.

  • 2020 Major Events, Winners & Presentations

  • Due to the COVID restrictions imposed on us this year, it has only been possible for us to conduct 5 events, and it is unlikely further games will be possible this year with the exception of our final day at Keysborough on 7 December (4BBB) and this will be subject to COVID restrictions at the time and availability of Keysborough GC.

    If our final day can proceed and we are back to our “normal” lunch time arrangements, then in person presentations of major events can be made. Otherwise we will postpone presentations until a convenient time in 2021.

    As we have not been able to complete our program of events for the year, this has impacted on completing some of our major events, so our Match Committee have had to make certain decisions in order to complete our 2020 program. As a result, we are pleased to announce the outcomes and results of the following major events:

    Club Championship

    Already decided at Long Island on 16 March, and the winner is Paul Treloar from Gisborne (H/cap 5) with rounds of 84, 79 total 163.

    Handicap Bowl

    The first round of the Handicap Bowl was played at Southern on 29 June, with two players leading on 42pts each. Unfortunately, as the second round to be played at Cranbourne on the 24 August was cancelled, so the decision was made to reduce the event to one round.

    The winner, decided on countback is Al Abraham (Brighton), from Peter Bimbi (Brighton).

    Golfer of the Year

    Although GOY conditions stipulate a member must complete 6 individual events during the year, the decision was made to decide the winner on the games completed before the shutdown. The clear winner is Ian Norman (Lakeside Albert Park) with 26 GOY points from Don Hackett on 16 points.

    Special Awards

    Other special awards normally presented at the end of year event (best 8 rounds, highest attendance etc) have been cancelled for this year.

    MDVGA 2021 Schedule

    Following the Annual General Meeting to be held on 19 October, the 2021 schedule will be posted on our website.

    Change of Liaison Officers for 2021

    The current LO for Camberwell GC, Don Mullin has resigned and Rob Holcombe, who is the secretary of Camberwell GC, will take his place.

    We welcome Ian Norman who has been appointed Liaison Officer for Lakeside Albert Park.

    Also, this year’s LO for Peninsula/Kingswood in Stewart Allen has moved clubs, and a new LO will not be assigned resulting in Peninsula Kingswood moved to “other clubs” category under the charge of committeeman John Baxter.