• The Melbourne District Veteran Golfers Association Inc.

    • Cancellations

      If you need to CANCEL a BOOKING - there are 2 options:

      • Cancelling before the event is closed &
      • After the event is closed.

      Fixture close time
      Normal - Closes 8PM 2 days prior to the event (i.e. 8PM Saturday for a Monday event). If a Reserve List is in operation this will be the close time.
      Maximum Extended - Closes 5PM on the evening prior to the event (i.e. 5PM Sunday for a Monday event).    Other Extended - Any time between normal and maximum extended to suit the duty operations staff.

      Normal Cancellations - When the fixture is open. Just go to the required Fixture, click on the [X] and then "Yes" to confirm the cancellation - If a Reserve List is in operation the first Reserve will take your place. The earlier you cancel the better opportunity for someone else to fill your spot. The person who booked this entry will receive an Email advising them of the change.

      When successful your name will have been removed from its prior position in the field. Please check that this has occurred.

      Cancelling after the fixture has closed
      To cancel your booking click on the [X] & "Cancel Requested" will appear under your name If not advised of the processing of your cancellation request, you will be required to call Operations the morning of the event. The call to operations needs to be performed in the hour before event registration time (usually between 6:30 - 7:30) on 0452 347 894. Your original booking will remain on the event sheet until a replacement has been confirmed. If the cancellation is noted/actioned by committee you will receive an email acknowledgement specifically noting you no longer need to make the morning phone call. (DO NOT TEXT or MESSAGE - IT WON'T GET THROUGH).   We need to know of cancellations ASAP. Do not rely on your mate telling us when he arrives - You may still be considered a "No Show" (We have many instances of the mate not remembering until near tee off time).

      The Ops number will usually only be active for about hour prior to close of registration. Normal cancellation procedures otherwise apply. NO SHOWS - Members who have pre booked and don't show up on the day may be asked for an explanation. Members who book for other Members will be responsible for those Members to show up on the day.

      No attendance - No Show - Late and no phone advice Those not in attendance at the completion of check in queue after final registration time are considered "No Shows" and may be replaced in the field if others are in attendance. Those optimists (not currently in the field) in attendance will gain entry in the order they were on the Reserve list.

      Late arrivals As noted above if you are not in attendance at the completion of check in queue after final registration time, you are considered to be a "No Show". Your position may be reallocated to a walk up member in the case of a full field, or re-arranged to eliminate singles or pairs in the field. The playing as a five (5 or more) group is not permitted by the committee no matter how accommodating any group you come across may be. If you are stuck in traffic or any other matter likely to cause you to be late (After the nominated check in time), please ring the operations phone on 0452 347 894 to retain your position.