• The Melbourne District Veteran Golfers Association Inc.

  • Dress Codes at Private Golf Clubs

  • As we are guests at mostly private golf clubs, we need to match those at the club we are visiting.  As such it is your responsibility to ensure you meet those standards. The level of dress code and enforcement will vary depending upon the club.

    If the club decides you are not suitably attired, they have the right to decline you as a guest – and it is your responsibility to meet the code and represent the MDVGA as a guest

    Generally the accepted standards are:

    Men Women
    Tailored slack and shorts Tailored slacks, shorts and skirts
    Shirts must have a collar and be tucked in Shirts have a collar
    Jeans are NOT permitted Abbreviated tops, leisure suits, track suits or Jeans are NOT permitted
    Garments with significant advertising slogans are not permitted