• The Melbourne District Veteran Golfers Association Inc.

    • Some Frequently asked questions about the Vets

      • Can I play as a guest before I join the VETS ?

        Yes - either contact a member who can book you in (subject to availability) or contact the committee and ask if there is availability

      • Do I have to play every game ?

        No - you can play at the events that you wish - subject to availability

      • Are there multiple grades in each event ?

        Yes - each Stableford event will have 3 grades

        • A Grade handicap up to 14
        • B Grade handicap from 15 to 20
        • C Grade handicap 21 and above 
      • Will my score count towards my handicap ?

        Yes - each round (apart from team competitions) will be submitted to Golflink by MDVGA and will count towards your handicap

      • How many players in an average field ?

        The Vets typically have between 80 and 120 players per event - this will vary greatly on a number of factors in particular the weather forecast 

      • Is there an good booking system ?

        Yes - The Vets have an excellent booking system that opens 2 weeks in advance of the day. Members are notified by email of the booking confirmation and cancellations. There is also a wait list system. Cancellations after the event closes are done via mobile phone

      • How are scores in events reported ?

        The Vets Match committee on the day develop a comprehensive Match Report detailed all scores 30 points and above and the nearest to the pins (usually 4 holes). This is published to the web site on the following day