• The Melbourne District Veteran Golfers Association Inc.

    • Booking a guest at an MDVGA Events

      The detailed policy is as follows:

      • Guests are permitted for almost all events, and can be booked on the website at any time the event is open to members.
      • Some events may be retained exclusively for members. Members can invite up to three guests per event (in the one group) so as to provide their own guest supervision/entertainment.
      • The number of available guest positions will be displayed on the event booking page.
      • Guests will be eligible for the event NTP, grade competition prizes & golf ball prizes but will not be eligible for special events.
      • Guests will need to pay an additional $5 above the event fee as their contribution to event prizes.
      • A guest may play in a maximum of 3 events, after which any further participation in events can only be played if the guest takes up MDVGA membership.

      Members booking guests are responsible for their guests meeting the following guidelines: Guests must be aged 55 or over and have a Golf Link number with a Golflink Handicap Status of “Normal” - Guests must be a member of an Independent Private Golf Club or members of a Private Golf Club associated with a Public Access golf course - Social Golf Club membership is not acceptable.

      Bookings that do not have the following information provided will fail:

      • Name (Preferred and Surname)- If the Guests given name recorded on Golf Link are substantially different, please advise the Bookings Manager -  see contact us
      • Golf Link No
      • Club name.

      Please be aware that there is now a requirement to specify gender (M or F) when booking guests. This is because handicaps are different for Men and Women and often have different slope ratings, please ensure the following format for the guest name is followed - eg Terry Smith_-_M or Terry Smith_-_F  If the extension pieces are not followed the file and its outputs will be compromised and you booking may not be completed. This is a short term fix until the new booking system is completed.

      Please note that Captain/Committee reserves the right to remove a guest booking at their discretion. Members with guests are responsible for the good behavior of their guests.

      The above is the MDVGA Guest Policy - however you should also be aware of the following.

      Guest spots may not be available at the opening of these events:

      • Cranbourne Cup
      • Final Game of the Year (Presentations - Team Event)

      If initial member bookings do not approach the required field, guest availability may be enabled at any time. No pre-bookings will be taken. The number of guests permitted may be revised at any time. There is no provision for booking guests on the reserve list.

      Please pair with your guest(s) with yourself when booking. (Others will not be moved away. You need to move to where your guest(s) can be booked with yourself.

      You should have all your guest(s) details at hand when you start booking.