• The Melbourne District Veteran Golfers Association Inc.

  • Notice of 2017 AGM

  • Our Annual General Meeting is to be held at Spring Valley Golf Club on Monday 23 September 2019 following the day’s golf event



    ·        To confirm the Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on 10 September 2018.
    ·        To consider and if thought fit to adopt the Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Statement of Account for the year ending 30 June, 2019
    ·        To elect Officers of the Association & Committee members.
    ·        To authorise the nomination & annual fees for 2020.
    ·        To authorise completion & lodgement of the necessary Statement to be submitted by the Association in accordance with Part 7 of the Act
    ·        Such matters which due notice has been given

    Special Business

    ·        Pursuant to Rule 14(c) to present Honorary Membership to Andrew Deas
    ·        To consider and if thought fit pass the following Resolution as a Special Resolution:

    THE SPECIAL RESOLUTION to be put reads “That the Association Rules 8, 12, 14(e) 17 & 54(10) be amended as set out in the “Explanatory Statement”

    These amendments – specifically Rule 8 as it relates to a Life Member. Rule 12 to change financial year to calendar year in respect to annual subscription. Rule 14(e) to provide for a Committee member of at least 10 years to be eligible to remain a non-playing member of the Association, Rule 17 to provide for subscriptions to be payable within 30 days of the due date. Rule 54(10) to renumber subrule 10 as referred to in that clause to subrule 9 (two places)”

    The Explanatory statement and a marked up copy of the Model Rules can be viewed on the website, please go to the Rules & By-Laws page and click on the relative link. Once approved by the AGM and confirmed by the Registrar, these “Rules” will update to existing Rules.

     Officer Bearers:

    President                            John Anstey *
    Secretary                            Cec Bailey *
    Captain                               Frank Martel *
    Treasurer                            Len Symons *
    Membership Secretary    John Armstrong #


    Peter Barber # #
    John Baxter **
    John James **
    Richard Harmer ***
    Kevin Milner (Web Bookings) **
    Wayne Reddaway **
    Ian Tait (Web Content)**
    Larry Wilson (Handicapper)**

    # nominated for Membership Secretary
    ## nominated for Committee after six years as Membership Secretary
    * renominated for current positions
    ** renominated for Committee
    *** nominated for Committee

    The date for Nominations for Committee has now passed and no further nominations were received – as the number of nominations equals the number of vacancies, no election is necessary and those standing are deemed to be elected.

    If you cannot attend and would like to vote please complete and submit the Proxy Form 2019