• The Melbourne District Veteran Golfers Association Inc.

  • New R&A Local Rule Waives Additional Penalty for Incorrect Score Card due to Unknown Penalty

  • Attached is a Communication from the Chairman of Golf Australia, John Hopkins.

    The key points of this communication are:

    • Earlier this week the R&A announced a new local rule that will eliminate the additional penalty a player currently incurs under Rule 6-6d for returning an incorrect score card when the error is caused by failing to include a penalty the player was not aware of.
    • Currently, the committee will add the missing penalty stroke/s to the player’s score (if the error is identified before the competition closes) AND apply an additional penalty for making the error.
    • It is only the additional penalty that is being eliminated.
    • This new local rule will be considered to be automatically in effect at all Australian courses from 1 January 2018.