Trial of New Event Management Software at MDVGA

Your committee is trialing some new Event Management Software for use within the Vets. This software (Golf Genius) is one of the largest Golf Management Software systems in the world with over 900,000 users.

The primary use for members will be the booking system and the mobile scoring application, however all event management will be managed by the software.

At the Spring Valley Event, we propose to utilise the Mobile Scoring Application to record scores. This will provide a similar scoring solution as MiClub does currently for many members.
It is however important to note that scorecards will be required (for the time being) as means of validating the scores.

We propose to use the scoring app so that 1 player can record all the scores within his/her group

In order to use the Mobile App you will need to download from the Apple or Google store – prior to the day.

You may wish to watch the following Golf Genius video to acquaint yourselves with the scoring app.