Golfer of the year

The Golfer of the Year (GOY) is a competition to establish the most consistent MDVGA Golfer of the Year.

  • The competition is based on a points system using the OneGolf Order of Merit to allocate points to the players with top scores in each nominated MDVGA stableford and stableford/stroke event during the calendar year
  • The MDVGA annual schedule lists the events when players will be allocated GOY points
  • The GOY competition is open only to MDVGA members. If a visitor wins an eligible event, the top scorer for GOY points is the MDVGA member with the top score for that event and so on for any other visitor(s) scores
  • The points are awarded as follows
  • top scorer (and ties) being awarded 10 points,
  • second & ties 9 points,
  • third & ties 8 points
  • fourth & ties 7 points,
  • fifth & ties 6 points,
  • sixth & ties 5 points,
  • seventh & ties 4 points,
  • eighth & ties 3 points
  • ninth & ties 2 points and
  • tenth and ties being awarded 1 point
  • The player with the most points at the end of each calendar year is awarded the Golfer of the Year (GOY) for that year.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the calendar year, a count back based upon the highest number of 10 point scores in decreasing order will determine the Golfer of the Year ie. the player with most 10 point scores wins, if again a tie, the player with the most 9 point score wins, and so on.
  • Any disputes will be decided by the MDVGA Match Committee whose decision will be final.