Golfer of the year

The Golfer of the Year (GoY) is a competition to establish the most consistent MDVGA Golfer of the Year.

  • It is based upon a points system where the top scores (& ties, maximum 50) for each event are listed
  • The points are awarded as follows
    • top scorer (and ties) being awarded 10 points,
    • second & ties 8 points,
    • third & ties 7 points
    • fourth & ties 6 points,
    • fifth & ties 5 points,
    • sixth & ties 4 points,
    • seventh & ties 3 points,
    • eighth & ties 2 points with
    • ninth and ties being awarded 1 point
  • A golfers 6 best point scores are counted towards their aggregate GoY total
  • In the event of ties, a count back based upon the highest number of points scored in decreasing order will determine the Golfer of the Year. So the most 10 point games, then the most 8 point games and so on.
  • Any disputes will be decided by the MDVGA Match Committee whose decision will be final.