Golfer of the Year

GoY 2022 – after Patterson River Event

RankPlayerSum Best 8RoundsQ/NQ1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th
1Tony Jones4612Qual88755544
2Don Hackett4412Qual107666531
3Ian Norman4211Qual107766420
3Tony Adderley429Qual1010854410
5Richard Harmer3612Qual107655210
6Ian Foster3512Qual107654210
7John Fellows348Qual1010653000
8John Baxter317Qual76663300
9David Worrell307Qual75543330
10Peter Nikolaidis2810Qual76555000
11Wes Taylor2710Qual66642210
11Oscar Diaz2712Qual75543210
13Bruce Maple2610Qual76442210
14Mike Steventon2511Qual75443200
15Dorothy Nikolaidis2411Qual87422100
15David Heraud247Qual106431000
17Cecil Bailey238Qual75333200
17Ken Baddeley236Qual65543000
19Malcolm Tucker226Qual76332100
19Leigh Jacobsen229Qual86331100
21Ross Parks218Qual75333000
22Russell Scott2011Qual55433000
22Conrad Groen207Qual66530000
24Russell Howard198Qual74322100
24Faye Edwardson199Qual83322100
26Norm Walford186Qual108000000
27Tony Rijs178Qual63322100
27Rod Parry1712Qual74321000
27Chris Moot177Qual106100000
30David Teasdale167Qual84400000
31Wayne Reddaway148Qual54311000
31Colin Looker148Qual64400000
31Neil Box146Qual66200000
34Ian Tait126Qual54210000
34Phil Moorby129Qual102000000
34Stewart Cripps127Qual53220000
37Peter Silk117Qual72200000
37Rob Good116Qual83000000
39Stuart Webb106Qual54100000
39Brian Scott107Qual53200000
39Brian Scott107Qual53200000
39Otto Salomons107Qual82000000
39John Anderson107Qual62110000
44Ron Pratt99Qual43110000
45Barry Murphy87Qual71000000
45Brian McGrath86Qual32210000
47Barry Thompson78Qual43000000
47Frank Martel78Qual70000000
49John Bradley38Qual30000000
0Bruce Adams06Qual00000000
0Wayne Jeffery274Not Qual87660000
0Jim James275Not Qual88641000
0Peter Barber265Not Qual77642000
0Stuart Allen225Not Qual86431000
0Rob Stead205Not Qual85430000
0Fred Jamieson203Not Qual105500000
0Don Read184Not Qual87300000
0Paul Julian185Not Qual86211000
0Phil Murphy175Not Qual107000000
0Bill Riddle164Not Qual86200000
0Bill Mitchell154Not Qual65310000
0Peter Hodder153Not Qual105000000
0David Spicer145Not Qual103100000
0John Rogan144Not Qual86000000
0Jack Payne144Not Qual65300000
0Colin Brooks145Not Qual54221000
0Robert Bishop144Not Qual83300000
0Gerard McGregor134Not Qual74200000
0Tony Bajoras134Not Qual85000000
0John Steen124Not Qual75000000
0Ian Humble115Not Qual62210000
0Graham Cridland114Not Qual54200000
0Geoffrey Boully114Not Qual44210000
0Keith Whitford103Not Qual55000000
0Peter Bird101Not Qual100000000
0Keith Woodhead94Not Qual72000000
0Tony Quinlan95Not Qual52200000
0Neil O'Keefe95Not Qual52200000
0Rob Llewelyn93Not Qual44100000
0John Trionfi82Not Qual80000000
0Ralph Richards83Not Qual44000000
0Dale Jordan83Not Qual71000000
0John James85Not Qual80000000
0Frank Adornetto82Not Qual53000000
0Rob Scott72Not Qual70000000
0Roy Rogerson73Not Qual70000000
0Rob Linardon72Not Qual70000000
0John Harris73Not Qual61000000
0Steve Dawson74Not Qual70000000
0Paul Campbell73Not Qual52000000
0Dale Burrows71Not Qual70000000
0Phil Burckhardt74Not Qual52000000
0Larry Wilson64Not Qual51000000
0Bobby Smith61Not Qual60000000
0John Sheedy64Not Qual42000000
0Peter Mumme62Not Qual60000000
0Leo McCarthy63Not Qual42000000
0Ian Hughes61Not Qual60000000
0John Heathcote64Not Qual42000000
0Graham Freestone61Not Qual60000000
0Garry Ewert63Not Qual60000000
0Ming Chiu65Not Qual51000000
0Rob Pollard53Not Qual41000000
0Jono Pietsch52Not Qual50000000
0Greg Perryman51Not Qual50000000
0Gavin McGregor51Not Qual50000000
0John Hetherington54Not Qual41000000
0Neil Henderson51Not Qual50000000
0Peter Bottomley53Not Qual32000000
0Al Abraham55Not Qual50000000
0Brian Wright44Not Qual40000000
0Allan Stanfield41Not Qual40000000
0Joe Ruzicka42Not Qual40000000
0Wayne Newell41Not Qual40000000
0Shay McQuade44Not Qual31000000
0Robert Lee41Not Qual40000000
0Paul Fairbanks42Not Qual22000000
0Martin Cunningham41Not Qual40000000
0Danny Cappellani42Not Qual31000000
0John Wilson34Not Qual30000000
0Mark Pearson35Not Qual21000000
0Colin Monson34Not Qual30000000
0Andrew McMahon32Not Qual30000000
0Bill Bussau32Not Qual21000000
0John Armstrong33Not Qual30000000
0Bill Short22Not Qual20000000
0Bill Rhoden23Not Qual20000000
0Bryan Newman21Not Qual20000000
0Julian Land21Not Qual20000000
0Murray Brown24Not Qual20000000
0John Battiston23Not Qual20000000
0Len Symons12Not Qual10000000
0Russell Stanfield11Not Qual10000000
0Damien Patterson11Not Qual10000000
0Shane Hawkes11Not Qual10000000
0Phil Donoghue13Not Qual10000000
0Ian Curry12Not Qual10000000
0Ernie Chin11Not Qual10000000
0Henry Chen13Not Qual10000000
0Ken Briggs13Not Qual10000000
0Peter Bimbi11Not Qual10000000
0John Anstey13Not Qual10000000


  • Each round a player is awarded points based upon their results
  • To qualify you will need to have played at least 6 rounds
  • If you have not qualified, your rank will be shown as 0
  • Once qualified, your best 8 rounds will be added together as your GoY total YTD
  • For more details see the  GoY Page