History of the MDVGA

The Melbourne District Veteran Golfers Association is affiliated with the Victorian Veteran Golfers Association who with the other six States and two Territories are affiliated with the Australian Veteran Golfers Union. Melbourne is one of 21 Districts affiliated with the VVGA and there are currently over 4100 registered veteran golfers in Victoria.

In 1981 Keith McK Jamison (Kingston Heath) and Glen.A.Cooper (Kingswood) promoted the formation of a Veteran Golfers Association in Victoria. The idea was well received by a number of prominent Victorian golfers who qualified for the age limitation of 55 years and over.

A committee comprising W.A Edgar (President) E.O. McCutchan (Secretary/Treasurer) D.W Bachli, G. A Cooper, M.V .Ellis, J.R.Hood, K.McK Jamison, D.B. McRae and A.F. Mitchell was set up. Negotiations were entered into with veteran golfers in other States and the ACT to form an Australian wide organisation. On the October 11 1982, the Australian Veteran Golfers Union was established.

The VVGA was then able to become a member body of the AVGU with the committee previously mentioned becoming the Foundation Office Bearers and committee.  Between February and December 1983 the Melbourne District played fixtures at Spring Valley, Kew, Waverley, Peninsula, Woodlands, Amstel, Long Island, Cranbourne and Heidelberg

The first AGM of the VVGA was held at Peninsula on October 10, 1983 and the first AGM of the Melbourne District was held at Cranbourne Golf Club on November 14, 1983. Bill Edgar was elected President, Geoff Fewster Vice President, Colin Wells Hon Secretary/Treasurer and Rod Perrin, Dennis Maeltzer, Bob Saunders and Chris Testro committee members.

Now all these years later due to the efforts of these pioneers and our past and present Committees we have a flourishing District providing games for its 400 members at a variety of great courses thus inspiring the culture, good fellowship and competitive spirit established by our revered pioneers.