Results of MiClub & Golf Genius Survey

Recently, the committee conducted a survey of members with respect to the use of Scoring and Administration technology – MiClub and Golf Genius. The committee needed to get member feedback in order to plan for future direction and member satisfaction.

The results of that Survey can be reviewed by clicking here.

The overwhelming number of responses indicated that members felt that MiClub was a better experience for them. In general, it is a similar cost of ownership for both systems for the MDVGA apart from the smartphone application for MiClub (it is free with Golf Genius).

Members should be aware of a number of matters:

  • The primary interaction for members and thus the most important component is with the scoring app on your smartphone
  • The software does much more than just capture the score. It will also manage
    • all bookings for all events
    • all competitions and results published to the web site
    • maintain a members database
  • The use of the Smartphone App at one club does not automatically enable the use at all clubs (as your club has paid for that in your fees).
  • 67% of members replied they already have a MiScore subscription
  • To use at all clubs you will need to pay for an annual subscription of $19.50

The committee is actively looking into the deployment of the MiClub environment as a matter of some urgency.