Introduction of MiScore/OneGolf

Following on from the results of the recent survey, which overwhelmingly voted for MiScore, we initiated discussions with MiClub re the introduction of their OneGolf and MiScore applications. OneGolf is the online booking and competition scoring application that sits on a computer whilst MiScore is the mobile application that we use to record our individual and partner scores.


We were advised that there is an 8 to 12 week wait for implementation as there is a severe backlog of applications. In effect this means that the earliest we can implement MiScore is at Woodland on 4th Jul. If not then at Rosebud on 14th Aug.

Golf Genius:

I have advised GG that we will not be renewing our subscription beyond the end of the year. Whilst disappointed they understand the desire to accord with our members’ wishes. In the meantime, we will still have full access to GG for all events until we switch over to MiClub. So, we will persist with GG until then and not revert to the old card-based system, largely because the major players, myself and Richard are absent for much of that time.


By adopting MiScore there is an expectation that all members will need to subscribe to the mobile application at an annual cost of $19.50+GST per year. The survey indicated that 60% of our members already had the user subscription, but there is a feeling this number overstates the actual figure as some may have been confused between their own club subscription and a user subscription.


The setup costs for OneGolf will be $1,000+GST for the licence fee and $360+GST for online training. It is my expectation that all committee members will need to undertake the training which I understand is not too onerous or complex. The annual subscription to OneGolf is based on the number of active members at an annual cost of $10.00 per member. At approx. 200 members this an annual cost of around $2,000+GST per annum. In terms of meeting these costs the committee has agreed to meet the start-up costs and the annual subscription fee. However, the club will need to offset these costs either, through an increase to annual subscriptions (which have not been increased for 8 years) or a small increase in event costs. The committee will make a decision at the next committee meeting and seek your approval at the next AGM.


The deployment of GolfGenius has taught us the value of a fully supported Golf Management System however, the user and operational difficulties that GG presented made it clear that we could not continue with it as the workload especially for “Match staff” was too onerous and time-consuming. This has had the effect of reducing member satisfaction. MiScore is an obvious solution notwithstanding the small additional costs our members will have to bear. The adoption of the OneGolf Platform will provide a nearly seamless and efficient operation at each event with immediate benefits for members. Its usability should greatly increase the playing enjoyment for everyone.