MiScore Upgrade

Update 15 April 2023 and End of Life Devices.

As part of our ongoing improvement process from time to time we need to make essential updates to the MiScore App and our systems. These enhancements include important updates to add additional functionality, improved performance and essential security and privacy enhancements.
To provide our services it is essential that a MiScore app user’s mobile phone be kept up to date with the latest operating systems from apple/google. Having current phone operating systems are essential because they provide a stable, secure, and user-friendly environment for users to communicate, access information, and perform various tasks. Over time older mobile phones typically 7+ years of age become obsolete and are no longer capable of receiving operating system updates hence restricting or blocking the access to the MiScore App (and other apps).

The minimum requirement is IOS 13 for iOS and Android 8.0 for Android.
From the 15th April MiClub will be pushing out an essential update which will make some older devices obsolete due to the operating system not being current. This means that members who run MiScore on these devices will no longer be able to use MiScore.
These obsolete devices will include:

Apple Devices unable to updates to IoS 13.0 include:

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPad mini-2
  • iPad mini-3

Android devices unable to update to Android 8.0 include.

  • Samsung Galaxy J3
  • LG Stylo 2 & 3
  • HTC U11 Life
  • Motorola Moto E4

Should a member have one of the devices listed above they will need to obtain another device which meets minimum requirements or obtain a paper scorecard for competition scoring.
Note: if the member has a paid subscription for MiScore it will be required that they cancel their subscription via the app store subscription management area if they have decided not to continue to use MiScore.
To clarify the minimum system requirements please find the MiScore device compatibility site.