2021 Presidents Message

Another year has come to an end and hopefully we can return to some normality next year in relation to our events timetable.

  • Peninsula/Kingswood 23.5.22
  • Rosebud 20.6.22
  • Patterson River 8.8.22

This is in direct response to the results of the members survey , which included 

  • that additional courses be added to the roster including mornington peninsula
  • that a mix of team events be considered
  • that a tailoring of food options for lunch be considered to include hot foods and meals in winter
  • that an improvement in ball options be considered for prizes awarded at events

We have already started to implement these recommendations. You can see the overall results of the survey on our website.

EFT arrangements have been well accepted and makes it a lot easier for us to handle reconciliations and payments to clubs. Thank you all for your patience with initial teething problems.

Our website and systems development has also continued with major changes to event day programs to allow for easier and more timely processing of scores.

We now also have approximately 30% of the membership with ‘Team App’ on their mobile phones which has been a great success in being able to quickly communicate with members when needed.Details of the ‘Team App’ and how to install it on your mobile phone can be found on the website. I would recommend you adopt its use.

We are also seeking to recruit new additional Committee members in the coming year and if you are interested in joining the Committee please contact us and we will arrange for you to attend a Committee meeting to see what is involved.

In particular we are seeking someone with some financial/accounting knowledge for the position of Treasurer. Ongoing support will be available to assimilate into the role and responsibilities.

Our other need is to be vigilant in attempting to recruit new members as our numbers have dropped in the last few years. We will be distributing laminated A4 posters to liaison offers at clubs next year publicising MDVGA.

Whilst it has been a difficult year of uncertainty my thanks go out to all members of the Committee for their support and commitment to ensure members needs are met and events run smoothly.

My thanks also to you the members for your continuing membership and supporting the events we have been able to hold.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2022 at our events. Wishing you and your family a safe and Happy Christmas/New Year

Wishing all members good golfing for the coming new season