Joining the VETS

Joining the MDVGA is easy.

You will need to satisfy the membership requirements and pay the joining fee of $80 and the Annual fee of $40. Fees are payable on receipt of the formal approval from the Membership Secretary.
So if you are:

  • 55 years or over
  • have an affiliated golf club* and
  • have an official Golflink handicap

Please feel free to send and email to our membership secretary and he will do all he can to ensure you can join us at an event.

You may wish to consider playing as a guest to see how we operate or simply fill out the “Join Us” form below, contact your Club Liaison Officer or download the hard copy membership application form here here and send it off to the Membership Secretary as per the form.

* you will need to be a member of an independent private golf club or a private golf club associated with a public access golf course