Course Selection for 2023

A subcommittee comprising, Cec Bailey, Richard Harmer, Ian Tait and Larry Wilson was tasked with proposing a Schedule of Events for 2023 that took into account the results of the recent survey.

The objective was primarily to make the schedule more attractive to members to play and retain their MDVGA involvement.

  • The number of events will be reduced to 18.
  • For 2023 it will be 19/20 to accommodate Cranbourne for the last time.
  • The number of team events will be increased to 4
  • The cost of the event will be an important factor in course selection
  • There will be a 6 week winter break from mid-July and August

The subcommittee adopted the concept of 6 to 7 core courses based on past attendances (ore-covid) and the latest survey (assessed member popularity). These are (in no order) (The * represents the Australian Golf Digest rank in Top 100 Courses):

Cranbourne (79)*Spring Valley (54)*SouthernKeysborough
Sandhurst (2 courses)RosannaLatrobe 

Next it was agreed to retain four premium courses as part of the core offering.

Woodlands (22)*Riversdale (91)*Kew (100)*Yarra Yarra (27)*

To achieve a refresh, a balance and mix of newer courses and locations. It was agreed to include:

Patterson RiverRosebud Country Club (North 84)*Settlers Run (86)*Gardiners Run

Due to their popularity, pricing and course standard it was decided to play four courses twice and make one of the visits a team event. These are:

  1. Spring Valley – 4BBB
  2. Southern – Gentsomes
    • played in 4’s – all drive and then individual Stableford, best 2 scores aggregated
    • Min 4 drives per player
  3. Sandhurst – Pinehurst
    •  played in pairs, 2 drives and then individual Stableford, best score recorded
    • Min 6 drives per play
  4. Keysborough – Teams Aggregate
    • played in 4’s, Stableford, best 3 scores aggregated

Once arranged this will give us the 19/20 events, including Cranbourne for 2023.

The committee is mindful that there will be differing views from the membership particularly the courses that have been overlooked for 2023. Please be aware that this schedule will be reviewed each year and all courses will be considered and selected based on member feedback and attendances.