Some changes to the Event Day prizes – from July this year

The MDVGA committee meeting on 27th March agreed to modify the criteria for event prizes to make them more equitable.

Ball Rundown

Currently a player receives a ball if they have a stableford score of 32 points or better. In 2022 the ball rundown varied from 4 balls at one event to 35 balls at another. In 2023 the Gardiners Run ball rundown was 53 balls versus Keysborough with 12 balls.

The ball rundown will change to take into account the course conditions on the day. Starting on the 4th July at Woodlands the ball rundown will change to the top 20 scores and ties. If there are fewer than 50 players on the day the captain will have the discretion to reduce the top scores to less than 20 players.

NTP Money Hole

The second change is in relation to the nearest the pin (NTP) prizes. Currently the shortest par 3 is classed as the money hole with a $50 prize, while the other par 3 NTP prizes are a sleeve of balls. The money hole prize is not equitable in relation to the overall grade winner prizes, so starting on the 4th July at Woodlands all nearest the pin prizes will be a sleeve of balls.