MiScore New Features | Side Match | Private Competitions

MiScore (OneClub for us) has released new functionality for us to use as of November 27th.

New Features SideMatch and Private Competitions
MiScore has two exciting features in the MiScore App. Available to all app users from Monday 27 November, MiScore will empower players with the ability to independently manage their own side matches and private competition leader boards. The new Side Match and Private Competition modules do not require any additional club administration, with users having the ability to activate and use both features directly within the App interface itself. We encourage you to share this exciting news on your club’s website and newsletter, allowing all members to take full advantage of this new functionality. Thank you for being part of the MiScore community, and we hope these additions contribute to an even more enjoyable and seamless golfing experience for everyone. Should you require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.
Introducing Side Match, a dynamic feature that enables players to engage in a hole-by-hole match play competition with their selected playing partner. This exciting addition records results for the front 9, back 9, and determines an overall winner effortlessly. Side Match can be enabled in Settings.  When players start scoring in a comp or social play they can view the Side Match leaderboard by simply selecting the flashing hole icon at the top of the app’s scoring screen. Handicap shots are allocated based on the course stroke index. This intuitive process ensures that players can seamlessly integrate this feature into their game.
How to Use SideMatch
Side Match
Private Competition
Introducing Private Competitions, a feature designed to enhance the camaraderie among a group of players  by generating an overall leader board based on their scores. Organizing and participating in private competitions is a breeze—an organizer can effortlessly create a private competition and extend invitations to others using a unique code. Whether you’re planning a one-day showdown or a multi-day golfing event spanning various courses, Private Competitions seamlessly adapts to your preferences. As an added convenience, a built-in chat facility allows players to share comments and engage in lively discussions throughout the event. Please take note that Private Competitions operate with handicaps, ensuring a straightforward and equal playing field for all participants. However, the private competition does not update official handicaps.
How to Use Private Competition
MiScore Private Comps