The Bill Edgar Memorial Handicap Bowl Conditions


  1.        Open only to current members of the MDVGA.
  2.        Entrants must have a current handicap and be a financial member of the MDVGA.
  3.       There is no entry form as all eligible members who play in the first round will automatically be entered in the Handicap Bowl.
  4.        Maximum handicap limit is 36 for Men and 45 for Women.
  5.        There is no additional cost to play, just the normal entry fees for the daily events.
  6.        All competitors will automatically be entered in the individual Stableford handicap event of the day.


  1.     This is a handicap, Stableford competition to be played over 2 rounds each of 18 holes duration, on the dates listed in the current year Programme.
  2.     Only the top 8 placed players & ties will have a place reserved on the timesheet for the Final round and will be grouped using a seeded draw.
  3.     All other players regardless of their score from Round 1 may contest the Final round, however they will be required to reserve their own place in the field in the normal manner.
  4.     After the Final round, the player with the highest two round points tally will be declared the winner.
  5.     In the event of a tie occurring, the winner will be decided by count-back with the Golf Australia approved system being used.
  6.     If for any reason, either round is cancelled before all competitors have completed that round, the MDVGA Match Committee will either decide to reschedule the cancelled round on another day or reduce the Championship to an 18 hole competition.
  7.     Any disputes will be decided by the MDVGA Match Committee whose decision will be final.